Can't expand the Linux X windows screen edge of monitor

Can't expand the Linux X windows screen edge of monitor

Post by mike » Tue, 14 Mar 2000 04:00:00

    I have Redhat 6.1 and have set up X using XF86Config
I have also used vidtune. I still can't expand the X-Windows screen
to the maximum horizontal edge of my monitor.
    In Win 95 there is no problem having as full a screen as I want.
I have a Diamond PCI Stealth Video VRAM 3000 with 2 megs
memory and a MAG MX-17F monitor. My computer is
a clone Pentium 166 with 64 megs of ram.
   I don't understand why I can have the full screen with one
operating system and not another.




1. Left Edge of a window remains on screen after window closes


Slight problem here. When I start X, everything looks fine. BUT, for example,
when I left click and select a window (shell, clock, doesn't matter), the left
edge/border of the menu I opened stays on the desktop after the window closes.
Anyone see this beofre? Thanks much!



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