X Screen Blanker Kill 3D effects

X Screen Blanker Kill 3D effects

Post by Alan P. Kennedy, » Mon, 11 Nov 1996 04:00:00


Whenever my XFree Screen Blanker kicks in it kill the 3D frame broders
and other images with fvmw. I'm using redhat 3.0.3 with the 2.0

Anyone have a fix for this rather annoying problem.




1. Screen Saver vs Screen Blanker

I'm new at Linux, and I've noticed the screen saver
(in console and in X) only blank the screen and don't
shutdown the monitor (low power standby) like Win95.
Linux is a testament to how the volunteer collective
can outperform Bill the Giant.  So when will the screen
blanking feature become an energy saving screen saver?

Does anyone know how to do it?  I know it has something
to do with setting the frequencies.

George Toft


WARNING (learn from my co-worker):
 Win95+MSIE4.0+PirateWare = NetCop+Trashed Computer

 Using Win95 on your computer is like using a spoon
 to eat.  Running Linix is like having the full place
 setting.  So how are you going to eat your steak?  
 I'm using the knife and fork!!!


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