RedHat & CDE, need basic manual and some answers

RedHat & CDE, need basic manual and some answers

Post by John Oh » Thu, 28 May 1998 04:00:00

Hi there,

I'm running RedHat 5.0 and TriTeal CDE 1.2

I decided to go for CDE based on reviews and recommendations on line.

I find that I need a more basic manual than that offeredj

Some questions:

The manual says you have the option to logon to command line, but I
don't see that option in the logon menu.  How do you get back to the
command line?

How do you do a clean shutdown?

I just can't get out of the Xserver without being presented with yet
another logon screen!

Please cc me on any replies.  The usegroup coverage is rather sporadic
on my server!




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There is a good UNIX beginners manual "The CONVEX Unix Primer", that has
helped some of our new employees learn the basics of 4.2 BSD, even though we
don't have any Convex computers.  It starts at the beginning (logging on) and
gets you through those first few painful days ("I want to search for a word
in all these files.  Huh?  Grep?  Huh?").   ;-)

There sometimes exists the unformatted unix articles that make up the
supplimentary documents in /usr/doc/*.  The unformatted online manual pages
are usually stored in /usr/man/man?/*.? if they're available at all.  They
might be printed with nroff or troff.  See your system administrator.  Oh,
are YOU the system administrator?  Oh well.  It'd probably be easier, faster,
and cheaper to buy something at a book store.  Why not get UNIX/World
magazine and poke through the ads.

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