RedHat 4.2 and Trident 9685 Providia

RedHat 4.2 and Trident 9685 Providia

Post by Jaime Herazo Barrio » Sun, 12 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I have trouble configuring Xwindows in my PC. I have a Pentium MMX / 166
with 32 MB Ram. The RedHat distribution is that included in the Infomagic
Linux Pack. I used Xconfigurator at the instalation. The image was like the
third part of the screen (1/3 at the top and other at the bottom in black,
and the image in the center its split in the center, and the two halves
are the same (or at least it appears to be the same, because the image its
like drawn in diagonal or something).

I tried XF86Setup, reading the README included, i tried the options
available, changed the monitor specs to match mine exactly, and the result
was a screen the same height, but splitted in 4 horizontally overlapping
parts (one at the side of the other).

Any suggestions, please?


1. Trident Providia 9685 + Xfree86 + redhat 5.0

I have a 4meg video card using the 9685 providia chip. under Xfree I
am only able to get a maximum of 640x480,256 color.
My monitor is a CTX PL-7, which is configured as a "generic multisync"
(by Xconfigurator ultility).

The video card and monitor work fine under windows95.

Has somebody been able to get Xfree up and running at something
greater than 640X480.
Any suggestions or pointers to other sources of info are greatly

-jeff (Linux newbie)

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