kdm Problem

kdm Problem

Post by the_randymo » Sat, 28 Sep 2002 07:45:55

> Hi all
> sorry for posting here, I know it's actually no X problem,but some one
> might be able to help me out of my problem, I updated my Suse 7.3 box
> with KDE3 packages, I got the rpms from suse's ftp. everything worked
> fine, The only problem is that I can not configure the background image
> anymore, never mind what I configured in the kcontrol, the background
> image stays the same ugly suse Logo, I tried to edit the /etc/init/xdm
> file and changed all strings contain kde2 into kde3, it doesn't work,
> does anybody know how I can solve this Problem (which file I still have
> to edit)
> P.s I can configure the font theme and everything else of the kdm, but
> the backgroundimage.

> thanks a lot for answers
> Luotao Fu

crack open your favorite text editor and take a look at

That file contains all the preferences/settings for KDM.  Have fun.


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