Screen blanking won't work at login

Screen blanking won't work at login

Post by Cevat Ustu » Mon, 01 Nov 1999 03:00:00

I recently upgraded my video card to an ATI Fury,
got the drivers (rpm)  from the Suse web site and installed
it without problems. The only problem is that now
the screen blanking doesn't work at the kde login
screen (it works fine when logged in). I've tried
inserting an 'xset s activate' etc in Xsetup_0 but something
seems to be overriding it. Any ideas?



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Then I went into Netscape and set the helper app to be the acroread.

Then...when I tried to open a pdf...the reader opened but no file
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Does anyone know what I need to do now?  I saw something about path
statements but I don't know if that is relevant or not.

Any help is greatly appreciated:)


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