X and lack of monitor documentation (Packard-Bell)

X and lack of monitor documentation (Packard-Bell)

Post by Sean Wals » Tue, 07 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Hi all...

I have installed Linux and I am having trouble with some part of X.

Monitor:        Packard-Bell 1511-SL
Video Chip:     Cirrus-Logic CL-GD5430

There is 1meg of VRAM and the problem that I am having is as follows:

On the console (tty):  BitBLT Timeout

In X:   I can bring up the server and the window manager loads (fvwm).  If
I use the mouse button to bring up a menu it will work fine.  The
problem is when I let up on the mouse button or try to navigate to
another menu I see a garbled section of the screen and the server hangs
for a moment (usually a few seconds).  If I do not kill the server and
this happens again there is a pretty good chance that the machine will
need to be power cycled.

Sorry for this being long winded, but I can't find shit on the 'Net or
from P-Bell on my monitor.

Any advice?


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