ATI 3D Rage Pro LT

ATI 3D Rage Pro LT

Post by kko.. » Thu, 08 Apr 1999 04:00:00

If anyone has this card, can you post the output from XF86_Mach64
server that shows the 32 clock values?

I think the switch is -probeonly



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I'm newbie to RedHat 5.2.

My computer is a compaq presario with the ATI 3D Rage Pro LT grapich card
with 8 MB video RAM.

I cannot run the X-server . I've tried to use a lot of X-servers under
Xconfiguartor - but nothing helps.

I want to run under 1280x1024 resoultion on my 19" monitor...

Please help me....

Claus Jul Larsen

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