Fix for Permedia 2 AGP problems

Fix for Permedia 2 AGP problems

Post by Dirk H. Hohnde » Mon, 14 Sep 1998 04:00:00


I know, we have been fighting with this one for a while, but
after finally getting a working Soyo MVP3 socket 7 board and
a working AMD K6-2 300 (the working part was the hard part)
I have been able to reproduce and fix the hangs some people
have reported with XFCom_3DLabs and Permedia 2 AGP cards in
such boards.

Please get XFCom_3DLabs-4.30 from

and give it a try. I would especially like to hear from people
where earlier versions failed, but 4.30 works. I hope not to
hear from people where 4.30 fails, though :-)



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I got problem with my video adapter: PowerColor 3DLabs Permedia C3000AGP.
When I turn X-window on the screen is black and my monitor Daewoo 518B turns
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I tried all the resolutions but it didn't work at all.
Just once, i really don't know how, X-window started at 320x200 - but that
wasn't too beautiful..:))

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