Laptop mouse problems on XFree86

Laptop mouse problems on XFree86

Post by James Keig » Wed, 01 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I have the "Slackware 96" distribution of Linux 2.0.0 which came with
XFree86 3.1.2, and I run it on my Gateway 2000 Solo 2100.  The display
aspect works fine, but I can't get the touchpad to work.  Linux detects
the PS/2 mouse port, and if I cat /dev/psaux and move the mouse, I see
things, but in the XF86Config I have tried all combinations of Protocols
Microsoft and PS/2 and Devices /dev/psaux and /dev/mouse, but none of
them let me move the pointer (the pointer stays in the center).  I can't
figure out what gives.
I don't know if this would be related, but when I disable the internal
touchpad and use an external [Logitech] mouse, the movement is erratic,
and again, I have tried all combinations of Protocols Microsoft,
Logitech, and Mouseman with Devices /dev/mouse and /dev/ttyS0 (BIOS says
it's COM1).  So, if anyone out there could help me, I'd greatly
appreciate it.  Thanks in advance.

James Keiger

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1. strange XFree86 Mouse problem (random mouse failure)

Hello all-

I have a strange problem that has just cropped up:

Here's my setup:
Gateway2K PPro-200
4GB HD (in 2 equal paritions)
kernel 2.0.31 (RedHat 5.0)
MS PS/2 Mouse
XFree86 3.31-14
fvwm2 2.0.46

At first, I thought that the problem was related to NS-Communicator
4.04, but it has started to appear when running other X apps as well,
i.e. glint, xv, applixware, etc. My mouse will simply lock for no
apparent reason.  The cursor just goes dead, and cannot be restored.  
No warning, no core file, no pinned CPU, no nothin.
The machine is still 100% active- I can telnet/rlogin to it, and I can
CTRL-ALT-Backspace out of the Xwin session.  Running top shows no
unusual active processes.

The disturbing thing is that the problem is starting to happen more
quickly- i.e., when it first manifested, it would be after 3+ days of
the same X session.  Now, it happens within 3 minutes of starting X.

Has anyone seen this before??????

Any help will be appreciated, I'm really tearing my hair out over this

Thanks in advance!

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