Problems with S3 Chips and tech VLB unknown chipset!

Problems with S3 Chips and tech VLB unknown chipset!

Post by red bea » Thu, 11 May 1995 04:00:00


I've got an Expert colour S3 DSP6430 VLB card and this is the

1)  I can't find out what out what chipset or ramdac it uses..

2)  'X -probeonly' doesn't find anything usesful  like clocks
      or the chipset ...

So, what the hell do I do.  The manual has nothing in it, and the
numbers on  the chip are 64300. Somewhat useless!

Any help would be greatly appreciated...


Kim Hawtin


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For a friend without internet i do have a question.
He has a new bought S3 PCI 2MB (i thought a Trio64) video card and want to
run X now :)

When trying to start X he gets the message:

(--) S3: Mode "400x300" needs hsync freq of 48.08 kHz. Deleted.
(--) S3: Mode "480x300" needs hsync freq of 39.56 kHz. Deleted.
(--) S3: Mode "480x300" needs hsync freq of 48.00 kHz. Deleted.
(**) FontPath set to
S3: Unknown S3 chipset:
chip_id = 0x31e1 rev. 61

 *** None of the configured devices were detected.***

Does anyone know what could be the problem here?


Arjan Filius

Argh!  All right, so how am I supposed to work with Linux when
everything's already been done?!  Can't these people leave some
broken MSDOS like parts so there's problems left to solve!?....

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