tv out in linux w/matrox mystic card??

tv out in linux w/matrox mystic card??

Post by Samuel Kok » Wed, 07 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I run a RedHat 6.0 distro on a pII 400, w/ a Matrox Mystic 8Mb AGP + tv
out card. Everything works great, but I was just wondering if there was
a way to get the tv out working in linux??

Thanks =)



1. An X-Server for my Matrox Mystic Card

Hi all

I have a Matrox Mystic Graphics Card.

And my question is, exist an X-Server for this
Card or runs an SVGA Server with this Card.

Best idea, the X-Server will be free (in Linux Manier).

Current, i have only VGA Server installt.

I have the SuSE linux 4.2 with the 1.99.4 Intel-Kernel.
(133 MHz Pentium with 64MB Ram and my 4MB Mystic)

Thomas Haeberli
Union Bank of Switzerland / Schweizerische Bankgesellschaft

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