Swithching automatically between tinyX and full xfree

Swithching automatically between tinyX and full xfree

Post by Thierry Barus » Thu, 28 Jun 2001 17:29:13


        I work for the Nokia Media Terminal (Linux-based Digital Tv box)
OpenSource platform project (www.ostdev.net) and full X requires to
much memory. I would too have a tinyX server in the :0 display and, if
an application requires it (e.g. a game) to start a full Xfree on :1.
        This solution seems possible (thanks to Wayne Throop) with the chvt
command. Knowing that I can get the information on which application
need which x-server, is this solution sounds "clean" to you:

If an app requires full xfree: start Xfree on :1 then switch to it. Is
there any special way to launch this x server saying "high priority
process" for better games performance? Maybe by using nice and change
the priorities (all on :0 at 20 and :1 at -20)

When an app requiring xfree terminates: switch to :0, kill full x
server on :1

Only one app at a time can be ran under full xfree.

        Tank you again for your help.

        Thierry Barusta


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I am running Redhat-5.0

Any help would be great!


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