X loses mouse connection

X loses mouse connection

Post by Nathan Smi » Thu, 21 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I have a 386/33 w/ 4m ram and linux 1.2.13 and X11 3.1.1. I am using a
microsoft ballpoint mouse (serial) on ttyS1

When I start X (or Abuse) with gpm running the mouse doesn't work at all.
OK, now if I kill gpm, the mouse works in X for about 5 minutes. When the
mouse stops working I flip to vt1 and see "mouse connection lost (I/O
error)" or something like that. I can still exit X with ctrl-alt-bksp. can
anyone help me?

Thanks in advance.

                                        Nate Smith

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1. S-x86; lost connection to the mouse/keyboard

recently I've been having this problem.  Suddenly, the mouse and the
keyboard stop responding when I'm in Openwindows.  

This is the output to /var/adm/messages
   <date> <hostname> unix: WARNING: kdmouse: detected mouse connection

I'm using solaris x86 2.4 DU8 with a micron millenia pentium 120mhz
with 32 megs memory, this sometimes happens just a few seconds after
starting openwin (with nothing but olvwm running).

My solution so far has been to kill -HUP the window manager, that gets
me back to the console ascii login prompt, where the keyboard is
available to me again.

any ideas on better solutions?  thanks


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