Small video glitches with X311

Small video glitches with X311

Post by Arijit Sengup » Sun, 17 Sep 1995 04:00:00


I am using XFree86 3.1.1 with linux 1.2.8 and I used xf86config to
configure my video hardware - and everything seemed to go
okay. However, after making final editing in the XF86Config file, when
I started X, I had three small but a little annoying problems...

1. The Display is always shifted almost 20% of the screen to the
right. I am running Win95 in the same machine, so its a little pain to
change the monitor setting every time I reboot to a different
operating system :(

2. Although I changed my XF86Config so that the modes line starts with
"1024x768", X always comes up with 640x480.

3. When I move a window in fvwm, or when text scrolls in a window, I
see a lot of small white lines appear on the left side of the monitor.

I looked at the howtos, but none of them address these issues. I
remember having my display shifted once when I was running windows,
but I changed the refresh rates in my bios, and everything became
normal, so probably this could be the case, but being a newbie, I
am not quite sure how exactly to go about this.

I have a Cirrus Logic SuperVga card (integrated with my MB) with 1MB
DRAM, 486 DX266 MB with 16MB Ram.

Thanks for any help or pointers -

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