how to probe for the mouse

how to probe for the mouse

Post by Jochen_Ha.. » Wed, 14 Oct 1998 04:00:00


I'm using

    * XFree86 Version / X Window System,

    * SuSE Linux 5.3,

    * running on a notebook computer.

Sometimes I'm using a 'mouse' attached to

    * /dev/ttyS0
      (this is an external touchpad)

and sometimes I'm using one attached to

    * /dev/psaux
      (this is actually an internal touchpad
       integrated into a nice `natural' keyboard -- no, no, not MS brand!!!)

Right now these 2 configurations get reflected
in 2 different /etc/XF86Config's.


1.) I would like to keep both 2 configurations in one XF86Config.

2.) I would like to know how to probe /dev/ttyS0,
    to see, whether the external mouse is currently attached,
    and then use that external one.
    (Maybe XF86 knows how to do this itself?!?)


1. Probing PS/2 mouse on notebook

Hello folks,

I have tried to install FreeBSD 2.2.2 on my TI Extesa 570 CDT Notebook with
a PS/2 mouse.
I managed to install it and be able to boot the machine. However, when I
tried to install X windows
I cannot make my mouse work. Then I look at the dmesg and found that

psm0 disabled, not probed.

Would anybody be so kind as to tell me why it is disabled and how can I
enable it again. The
PS/2 mouse is definitely working when I am in MS-Windows 95.

Thanks alot

Victor W H Wu from Hong Kong.

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