3.1.2E kicks me back to the linux prompt right after "startx"

3.1.2E kicks me back to the linux prompt right after "startx"

Post by Robert Schaef » Sat, 29 Jun 1996 04:00:00

>When I do "startx" it brings up the cobalt blue screen (I have selexted) and
>then kicks me back to the linux prompt! I got a pentium with PCI diamond
>stealth 64 vidio 2000 series graphics card.

>here's my startup screen:

< ... Chopped for brevity... >


>waiting for X server to shut down

>Then I'm back to the linux prompt here.

Simple quick question, what does your .xinitrc file look like?  Does it
start all of the processes as background?  If it does, then that's your
problem.  The startup looks normal, there are no serious errors in it.
My guess would be that the last command in your .xinitrc file is either
crashing or being run as a background process.  When this file is
closed/finished processing, the X server exits.  If you do a man xinit,
it will give you some more information about this.  (Including where to
find it, I don't remember the path off the top of my head)  If you don't
see the problem or don't know what I'm talking about, send me a copy of
it, to check out and I'll let you know.

Bob Schaefer


1. ATI M64 "Win Turbo" Problem with XFree 3.1.2E

I installed 3.1.2E with the Mach64 server and I still have problems.

I installed the 3.1.2D files and then installed 3.1.2E (according to the
relnotes).  And now, I'm able to get into openwindows, however all the
windows and gadgets are drawn with artifacts on their left and right sides.  
I see overdrawn lines, blank spots, and other garbage as if the
X-coordinates for gadgets is always a few (1-20) pixels off.

I'm suspicious of a couple of things:

1) When I installed a couple of 3.1.2D packages such as x312dbin and maybe
lib, it installed a bunch of stuff, but it looks like it terminated early
with an error message: tar: broken pipe (for no reason).  There were also
a couple of link error messages such as lib6.0.so (or whatever): file already
exists.  I had run the preinst.sh when installing 3.1.2D first.  Anyway, I
tried gunziping the suspect .tgz files several times, and each time they
installed a bunch of stuff and then terminated with a broken pipe to tar
(gunzip -d < file | tar -xvf -)

2) When building my XF86Config using xf86config, I am not sure about the
option for the graphics card.  There were about 8 Mach 64 choices, none
of them were "ATI Win Turbo" (which is my card, and which was available under
the old 3.1.2), but I tried about 4 different choices that looked close to
what I have, and none of them had a different effect on the window garbage.

Also, I tried to get into X, and I got a black&white patterned background
and an X cursor.  The mouse works perfectly, but the mousebuttons didn't do
anything so I couldn't see any windows.  Maybe I don't have my dot files
setup correctly.  It would be interesting to see if the same artifacts
appear in X gadgets as appeared in openwin gadgets.

Any ideas what I should do next?


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