My Oak video card

1. OAK Video-card: dipswitches and jumpers for mono display??

I wonder if there's anyone out here who might have some knowledge of
an old Oak video card.
I bought the card 2nd hand -- i.e.: without a technical manual.
It's an Oak OTI 037C, judging from what's printed on the chips.

This card has two female connectors.  One (15-pin) is for a VGA
display, and it works fine.  The other, a 9-pin connector, seems to be
for a monochrome display.

I have hooked up an old mono-display to this card, on the 9-pin slot,
but alas, all I'm looking at is a blank screen.

I'd appreciate any hints on the settings of dipswitches and jumpers
on this thingy for a mono-display.  There are four dipswithes, and two
(3-pin) jumpers.


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