Video Card recommendations?

Video Card recommendations?

Post by John M D » Sat, 22 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I'm currently using a cirrus logic 5424 (1Mb) on an sx2 50MHz. Can anyone recommend a
(cheap) accelerated video board?




1. Video card recommendation?

I'll shortly be buying a new test system that will be used with Linux,
among other OS's.  Are there any particular graphics boards I should
avoid or look for?  I'm NOT interested in high performance, 3D graphics,
AGP, etc. for this system.  As long as it in 16- or 24-bit and 1024x768
modes, with a refresh rate of at least 72Hz, I'll be satisfied.  (These
are maximums; I'll also want to run the system at lower resolutions and
color depths from time to time.)

I'm thinking of buying a bottom-feeder system from MidWest Micro, since
they currently have a K6-300, 64MB of RAM, 3.2GB EIDE HD, 15" monitor
(which I'll probably delete for credit and replace with something I have
on hand), etc., for $829.  That system comes with an unspecified 2MB 64-
bit board, possibly one of the Mach64 variants, which seem to work fine
with Linux in the other systems I've tried.



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