P9000 server works for P9100?

P9000 server works for P9100?

Post by xor6 » Fri, 13 Jan 1995 19:54:37

Does the P9000 server (XFree86-3.1) work for P9100 boards too?
I have a Diamond Viper SE PCI.

Thanks, -- Anthony Uk


1. Diamond Viper PRO Video? (P9100, *not* P9000)

I'm having not much luck getting X to believe in my Diamond Viper Pro Video
VLB card.  Seems to be a known problem, in that this (expletive deleted)
card uses the Weitek P9100, not the barely-supported P9000.  Tried a lot
of fiddling about with timings and options that work with the Viper, but
the Pro Video is NOT the same animal.  RedHat's Xconfigurator curls
its lip, says something is not kosher and "whatever is left in your Xconfig
file is probably trash."  Gee, thanks....

Has anyone done anything with this card in the last six months or so?
Some trick that hasn't made the CD release notes yet?  I'm beginning
to think I should palm it off on some unsuspecting Windows user....

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