Novice: Riva 128 installation

Novice: Riva 128 installation

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I have posted a message on this board and have received kind replies from all
over. I would like to say thank you to all the people who have supported me and
given me a courage not to give up the Linux installation.

So far, in order to get X-server work with my STB128, I have figured out I need
to replace the exinting XF86 driver with the SF86_SVGA on the I have already accessed to the site and
found that it existed.

However, how can I download the file to the Linux environment? I have not
configured (or figured out how to configure) my modem to linux. I, neither,
have not configured the CD-ROM. So, it seems that there is no disk devices I
can use to do the job. I have the Windows 95 environment in the very same
system, but, can I use this system?

I am totally a new to Linux who do not know what I am doing.  Is there any way
that I can connect MS-DOS HD with Linux?  Is there other way to get the driver
I need.

All the Linux gurus, please help me.  Please let me know where I need to start
using Linux?  I have read three thick books but still unable to fugure out what
needs to be done.

Yoshikawa, Kiyoshi

Yoshikawa, Kiyoshi


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Does anyone know if the STB Velocity 128 (nVidia Riva 128) supported
under Linux or where I may be able to find register level tech docs to
write the driver?  nVidia, the company the makes the chipset and STB
refuse both refuse by request for the information.

I currently have Win95 and WinNT on my PII system and would like to give
Linux and the BeOS( a try.  What does it mean in Linux for a
card to be unsupported?  For example, in 95 & NT, if you don't have the
driver installed, you usually still get 640x480 16 colors and in the
BeOS, you get nothing(just a blank screen).

Jin Yu
BeDev ID: 6731

BeDev ID: 6731


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