Linux, X11, Lesstif, Motif and Threads

Linux, X11, Lesstif, Motif and Threads

Post by David Vrabe » Thu, 17 Feb 2000 04:00:00

> What are the current issues involving X11 programming on Linux and
> threads? I have a multithreaded X11 app that runs fine under Solaris
> and Irix. The last time I tried this under Linux, the app wouldn't
> start because it was built with the _REENTRANT flag, and none of the
> X11 and associated libraries were built this way.

Most (all?) recent distributions have X built with the _REENTRANT flag
set.  If it's not building X from source is not particularly difficult.

David Vrabel


1. LESSTIF a Motif clone on Linux

Hello X developers on Linux,
As a matter of information I thought I would pass on my experiences with a very
new development.  I recently downloaded an experimental Motif (tm) GPLed clone
from the WWW.  Although I was only able to get one of the three widgets tested
in the provided test suite to work on Linux the new development looks interesting.
This would seem to be a perfect project for those Linux X developers out there
wanting to help with developing a Motif clone.  I in no way am associated with
this group of industrious developers but I respect their attempt.  I have only
recently learned how to write Widget code.  It is not easy, but it is fun.  I
certainly have no time to help but would love to see this project proceed.  I am
not even sure whether they would want any help, but their home page seems to
suggest they would accept some.  Right now they don't seem to be developing on a
Linux machine.  The test suit did work pretty well for a first cut on an HP 712.
Their WWW information on LESSTIF is at:

It does not look like they have an FTP site yet for their code, however their
info page will send the tar file to you.  Keep in mind that this is very young
development.  Don't get your hopes up to compile Mosaic.  I barely saw a
scrollbar on an HP. (: .

The above opinions are my own and not my employers.
Bruce M. Corwin

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