ATI 2MB VLB Xpression gives me gray

ATI 2MB VLB Xpression gives me gray

Post by Clint Hastin » Sat, 01 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I have an ATI Graphics Xpression for the VLB bus with 2MB of DRAM.
startx -- -bpp 16   gives the following info:

  Configured drivers:
    Mach64: accelerated server for ATI Mach64 graphics adaptors (Patchlevel 2)
  Mach64: card type: VESA LocalBus
  (**) Mach64: Clock type: ATI18818-1
  (**) Mach64: Number of Clocks: 32
  (--) Mach64: Maximum allowed dot-clock: 135.000 MHz
  (--) Mach64: videoram: 2048k
  (--) Mach64: Using hardware cursor
  (--) Mach64: Using 4 MB aperture
  (--) Mach64: Ramdac is STG1702
  (**) Mach64: Color weight: 565
  (--) Mach64: Aperture mapped to 0x2000000

I've read every Mach64 post in this group for the last several weeks,
as well as the README.Mach64 doc. It seems to work OK just using "startx",
but then I only have 256 colors at 1024x768, instead of 65k. Here's what
I've tried:

1. moved memory aperture to 32MB with DOS "install apmap" and added
   the   Membase 0x2000000   line to XF86Config
2. put the following clock lines in the "Device" section:
        Clocks  50.35  56.64  63.00  72.00  40.00  44.90  49.50  50.00
        Clocks   0.00 110.00 126.00 135.00   0.00  80.00  75.00  65.00
        Clocks  25.18  28.32  31.50  36.00  20.00  22.45  24.75  25.00
        Clocks   0.00  55.00  63.00  67.50   0.00  40.00  37.50  32.50
3. tried   Option "dac_8_bit"
4. tried   Option "no_block_write"
5. stuck in the line  VideoRam    2048

When I try startx with -bpp 16, it fills the window top-to-bottom with
the lo-res black and white background, then comes back and fills it in
again with a hi-res gray background. Running "xwininfo" tells me that
I have a 16-bit truecolor window. But the screen is all gray, the olwm
menus don't have shadows so you can't see what you're doing, and trying
to display a picture with xv results in a mostly blue image in the window,
although I can tell it's the correct picture by the visible color edges
in the picture. Also, I'm running 70 (or 72?) Hz at 1024x768. I've
also tried -bpp 32 at 640x480 with similar results.

I've spent hours and hours without success, and would appreciate any
assistance or XF86Config/Xconfig files. I will email my setup files to
anyone who might be able to help rather than make a super long post.

thanks, clint