Thanx for the help!

Thanx for the help!

Post by Sean » Mon, 25 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Thanx to all you who responded to my post and pointed me in the
of XFree 3.3.1! I now get 16bit color in 800x600 resolution and
everything is running smoothly. Now I can delay getting another video
card for a few months, which should translate into getting alot more for
the money when I do get one.
        Also, thanx to those who responded to my post about the S3Virge
If money is still tight when I do go to get a new card, I will probably
go that route now.


1. Thanx for your help but i need more

Hey everyone thanx for your help but it still doesn't work.  For those
of you just joining this problem here goes.  When negotiating a ppp
connection my system sends code 1, id 1 ten times then disconnects.
here are some of my files.  without the passwords in them.  (all of that
has been fixed.)

Chad Goodman

[ Options < 1K ]
# /etc/ppp/options (PAP/CHAP)
# Prevent pppd from forking into the background
+ua /etc/ppp/pass
# use the modem control lines
# use uucp style locks to ensure exclusive access to the serial device
# lock
# use hardware flow control
# create a default route for this connection in the routing table
# do NOT set up any &quot;escaped&quot; control sequences
asyncmap 0
# use a maximum transmission packet size of 552 bytes
mtu 1500
# use a maximum receive packet size of 552 bytes
mru 1500

[ Ppp-on < 1K ]
setserial /dev/modem spd_vhi
exec /usr/sbin/pppd /dev/modem 38400 connect '/usr/sbin/chat -v "" ATZ0 OK ATDT18006876460 CONNECT "" name:--name: ccg711 assword: ******** gw ppp'

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