Upgrading from XFree-3.1 to XFree-3.1.1?

Upgrading from XFree-3.1 to XFree-3.1.1?

Post by Sikander Wahee » Mon, 13 Mar 1995 21:06:22

How do I upgrade from XFree-3.1 to XFree-3.1.1?  I had XFree-3.1 with
Slackware 2.0.  I downloaded the following files from sunsite.unc.edu
X311S3.tgz (I have S3 based video card), X311bin.tgz, X311cfg.tgz,
X311doc.tgz, X311fnt.tgz, X311inc.tgz, and X311lib.tgz. They were in
the /pub/X11/XFree-3.1.1 directory. I unpacked the files using the
command mentioned in the INSTALL file which is
   gunzip < xxx.tgz | tar xfBp -
where xxx is the name of the tgz file that I want to uncompress. After
doing that I added the line /usr/X11R6/lib in the /etc/ld.so.conf file
and ran 'ldconfig'. Now when I do 'X -probeonly > /tmp/x.out 2>&1' it
still shows that I have XFree-3.1.  How do I know that I am running
XFree-3.1.1?  Is there any other command which shows what version of
XFree I am using?  Is there anything else I have to do?
Please send me email.

Thanks in advance,
P.S. I also gave the command 'chmod 755 `find /usr/X11R6 -type d -perm 777`
after unpacking the files, but it gave me the message that check the
help on chmod. I am not sure if it ran successfully.


1. ELF upgrade: working XFree-3.1.1. ?

Hi ,
I installed the ELF stuff from sunsite.unc.edu:/.../GCC this weekend (libc 5.0.9
& gcc 2.6.3), everything works fine. I also tried the ELF XFree-3.1.1 distribution from sunsite,
but it seems really broken to me, so i just did a rm -rf after a while:

- it is linked against some ELF libc.so.4 and termcap 1.0 - unusable for me,
  since i have to keep my a.out libs, which have the same symlink names.

- the X libraries all carry the same version numbers as the DLL ones -
  this seems a really stupid idea to me; it presumes that one wants to use
  ELF xor a.out only - very nice if you have commercial applications
  using X (motif for example) ...

- The linkkit is broken; it not work with libc 5.0.9 (stat & fstat
  undefined, since they are inline functions in libc 5.0.9),
  & the linker complains a dozen undefined symbols all starting with 'Lbx...' -
  but i have disabled the Lbx extension in site.def ...?!?!?! ).

Is there any newer, ftp'able XFree-3.1.1 ELF distrib ? I just can't roll
my own, since i simply don't have enough free diskspace to do so.
It should really be able to coexist with a working a.out system, i.e.
use other shared library version numbers than the a.out libraries.



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