XFree86 won't run

XFree86 won't run

Post by Robert Gri » Thu, 09 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I installed XFree86 with RedHat and the configuration file can't be found.
Is there a configuration utility I need to run? I installed it on another
computer and it worked with no manual configuration.

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1. XFree86--setup works, but won't run afterwards

... after a four-day marathon session of
setting up Debian Linux on my Toshiba 1910CS,
I've run into a strange problem with XFree86.
Just about out of energy from having gone from
no Unix experience to setting this thing up
and overcoming a few other problems on the way.
Perhaps I could ask for some help ...

I've set up XFree86 according to the manual--
I get to the final screen that congratulates
me on having a working server running, then
choose save configuration and exit. When I then
try to start xdm, nothing happens, not even a
entry in the error log. With xinit, there is
a bunch of messages printed at the end, including
"VGA16: There is no mode definition named
"640x480"", then "VGA16: Removing mode "640x480"
from list of valid modes."

What gets me is that XF86Setup works and
congratulates me on having a working server, but
I can't run X afterwards. Other things I've
noticed is that I had to change the path so save
XF86Config to /etc/X11, but I also have the file
in /usr/lib/X11. At one point I had the XF86_SVGA
server installed because of an error message in
XF86Setup Card, which seems to default to SVGA.
I've since removed the SVGA server with Debian's
dselect and set VGA16 in the Card section of
XF86Setup. All the software was installed with
Debian's dselect via FTP.

Something else I noticed is that xvidtune gives
me a 35.5kHz sync rate rather than the 31.5kHz
I specified in XF86Setup Monitor. I can't reset it
to 31.5kHz in the programme. Also, it doesn't seem
to matter what gets into XF86Config, running and re-
running XF86Setup, manually adding entries from
examples I've found in the various Linux laptop
pages, the error message is always the same. Sigh.

I should love some help, if anyone more Linuxified
than me can spare a minute. Thank you for any
suggestions you might have!



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