Hercules Dynamite 128 w/ET6000

Hercules Dynamite 128 w/ET6000

Post by Landsha » Sat, 06 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I've heard this will be a good Dos/Win card, but I also run linux and
X.  I am looking to buy a new video card and wondered, what are the
chances of this card being supported, with hires and hi-color/true
color.  My current video card is not supported above 8 bit color in X.
I really want to go into 16 bit color.  Is or will this card be
supported with an accelerated server, a free one?



1. Tseng ET6000 based boards work?> STB Lightspeed 128/ Hercules Dynamite 128

Hi all,

        I am interested in upgrading my video card and am looking into the
Tseng ET6000 based boards.  They are quite impressive compared to the existing
 boards (aren't all new boards alike?)

        However, I would like to seek opinions from those who might have some
 experience with these boards.

        Are any of the X-Windows server in the Linux distributions compatible
 with these cards?  Are the older Tseng drivers compatible?  I don't want to
be stuck with VGA screens....

        Thanks very much for any info.

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