StarOffice 5.0 setup 'can't execute'

StarOffice 5.0 setup 'can't execute'

Post by Sid Boyc » Thu, 19 Nov 1998 04:00:00

> Hi,

>         I've read alot of posts about people complaining about libraries and
> install scripts (soprep?), but I just WISH i could get that far.  First off,
> I downloaded SO5 from stardivision's home page, got my personal ID stuff,
> read the readme that came with so50_01.tar, and it doesn't say anything about
> anything, nothing about a script to install SO5 (I got that from a post)
> which stardivision says nothing about...

        when you do a tar xfv so50_01.tar, you'll see it creates so50 directory and I
think there there is also a glibc2_inst directory under that with README's, also
there is a Office50_inst directory with README and setup and they are pretty
straightforward, with very little to do except click on a few NEXT>>> and wait.

Quote:> Where do I get this install script? What do I have to do to install the Libs?
> I installed (rpm -ivh) staroffice-libc-5.4.46-1.i386.rpm and it still gives
> me this error::

> bash: ./setup: cannot execute binary file

> I have elf and a.out binary compiled into my kernel, glibc-2.0.7-19, egcs1.x
> running RedHat 5.1. And the permissions on the file are 777.

        Pretty similar setup here, but I couldn't tell you about the rpm file, I didn't
know it existed.

Quote:> What do I do? should I just buy ApplixWare?

        Whilst on the subject, I've been asking myself the same question as everything
works fine, but no support for PowerPoint support in StarOffice 5.0, which
applix says is supported in its latest 4.4.1, also on their site they have
released a number of fixes for stuff that didn't work properly, see for details.
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