Star office REgistration Problem Script error

Star office REgistration Problem Script error

Post by Hyma » Thu, 31 Dec 1998 04:00:00

i have installed KDE and Staroffice with out any problem
but just this when i was feeling real happy about my self.

what i did was...
It ran registration when i first started Staroffice
i filled in the necessay details
and clicked send

It was not able to resolve some host name in DE. I was connected to my
whilke i was doing it.
I went to the properties
and entered all details about my Service provider
including the DNS servers

then i went back to start the registration process
this time  i had entered my apt no in thye address line and cllicked

bang i got the same script error. as some address undefined.

Waiting .....  for the help regarding this

Thanks in advance guys...
all help is appreciated and happy new year

 Now the registration program runs a Basic type script that hangs
similar to this message
Dont remember the exact one. i running windozes to post this one.

 "ucompany.text ="

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Star office REgistration Problem Script error

Post by Gregory » Sat, 02 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I ran into the same problem when I loaded and registered my copy of Star
Office, and here's what I think your problem is:

You must type in your name and email address EXACTLY as you typed it in when
you first downloaded your copy of Star Office.  If it is not exact, to
include capital letters, spaces, etc. you will get the error message.

The rest of the info you fill in doesn't matter that much, but your email
address and name must be exactly as you typed it when you downloaded the


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