S.u.S.E 5.2 fvwm2 middle mouse button on desktop problem

S.u.S.E 5.2 fvwm2 middle mouse button on desktop problem

Post by keith » Fri, 04 Sep 1998 04:00:00

In RedHat & Fvwm95, I got used to using the middle mouse button to show
me all the windows I have open and selecting one.  With SuSe, this seems
to be broken, middle mouse button on the desktop shows the open windows,
but the menu flashes terribley and you have to then press the right
mouse button, let go of the middle and make your selection.

Anyone know how I might fix this?

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1. Need with with middle mouse button on tkman and fvwm2.

Hello all. I'm running Redhat 5.0, X11R6-XFree86, tkman-2.0.6 and I
am having a problem with the middle mouse button. The mouse works
like it's supposed on all other windows, but it doesn't drag the text
around for tkman. I have no clue why. If I log in as root it works
fine. If I remove my .fvwm2rc file, it fails. I'm not sure how to
debug this one.

Anyone out there ever see this problem?

Please email. Many thanks in advance.
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