Looking for XF86Config - TGUI9680 running in 800X600 mode

Looking for XF86Config - TGUI9680 running in 800X600 mode

Post by Bennie Gibs » Thu, 18 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I've finally got my Trident 9680 with an IBM G50 working in 640X480
and 1024X760 mode.  The fonts on the web are a bit small in high res
and the real-estate is too small for 640 - However, when I try to run
in 800X600 mode, the window is only displayed in the middle half of
the screen (both vertically and horizontally).  Attempts to use
vidtune to adjust the size do not help.  Does anyone out there have a
good XF86Config file they are willing to share?
Bennie Gibson/Atlanta


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Dear Linux Fans,
has anyone experience in setting up X on a Dell Latitude XPi 133 in
800x600x256 mode??
Or do you have Dot Clock figures for the Neomagic Card??
Help would be very welcomed.

with best regards

Istvan Cocron

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