Won't work: XFree86 3.2 + Diamond Viper VLB + MAG MX-17F

Won't work: XFree86 3.2 + Diamond Viper VLB + MAG MX-17F

Post by Dr. Stephen S. Ke » Thu, 14 Aug 1997 04:00:00


I have had no luck at getting Xfree86 3.2 to work with my Diamond
Viper VLB card and MAG Innovision MX-17F monitor.  I am running the
Slackware 3.2 distribution of Linux, with a 2.0.29 kernel.  I have
read the relevant documents in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/doc (in particular
README.P9000).  No matter what configuration I try, all I get on the
screen is a sparse splatter of white dots (sometimes here and there
seemingly forming short lines, mostly horizontal) and the system
console hangs, requiring a reboot to reset.

For starters, XF86Setup blanks my screen and freezes the system
console, requiring a reboot.  (I made the VGA16 server available,
as I understand that's what XF86Setup needs.  /var/X11R6/bin/X was
symlinked to the VGA16 server.  No go.)

After failing to get XF86Setup to work, I symlinked /var/X11R6/bin/X
to the P9000 server and I tried inserting entries for the "Monitor",
"Device" and "Screen" sections of the XF86Config file that were
suggested in the Monitors, Devices and README.P9000 files.  I'm pretty
sure I knew what I was doing because I have successfully set up Xfree86
before on Linux systems.  No matter what entries I used, the screen
displayed the symptoms I described above: a splatter of white dots.

Next I tried running xf86config to create another XF86Config file.
I tried all of the 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 and 1280x1024 modes
that it created, and my monitor's front status display indicated
that it recognized them (e.g., it displayed "Standard VGA 640x480 60Hz"
if that mode line was active) but the symptoms were always identical to
what I described above.

I'm baffled.  Running "X -probeonly" indicates that supposedly things
are being properly recognized, but still I get these white dots.  Also,
I'm not sure whether this is relevant, but when I run SuperProbe,
it reports that I have a Tseng ET4000, when it should say that I have
a Weitek P9000!  Does anybody have any idea what's going wrong?

Stephen S. Kerr
University of California, San Diego


Won't work: XFree86 3.2 + Diamond Viper VLB + MAG MX-17F

Post by Dr. Stephen S. Ke » Tue, 19 Aug 1997 04:00:00

It turns out my problem was that I had mistakenly assumed the mouse was
an ms bus mouse.  After compiling all the bus mouse drivers into the
kernel and booting, I discovered that the mouse is recognized as a

I came across this solution somewhat by accident, when I discovered
that Xfree86 (and also the AcceleratedX demo) would start up and show
a desktop if I set the mouse to be a (nonexistent) serial one.  From
there I thought that I might be using the wrong mouse driver and
protocol, and it didn't take me long to find the solution.

I didn't see any replies to my original post (deleted here to save
bandwidth) but I thank those who read it, and apologize for wasting
your time.

Stephen S. Kerr

[original post deleted -- you can look for it if you're interested :-) ]


1. Problem: Xconfig for Diamond Speedstar 24X & MAG MX 17F

I am trying to come up with an Xconfig file for a system with a
Diamond Speedstar 24X video card (1 Meg) and a MAG Inovision MX 17F
monitor.  So far, I haven't been successful.

Not being an expert on Xconfig files (I read through all of the
files on generating them, but there's a lot I didn't understand),
I'm a little lost here.

I've tried a number of different things including making my own (I
haven't spent much time on this yet... hopefully someone's already
done the hard work for me) and using some of the stock Xconfig
files that come with linux.

When I start up X, it gives me the error:

  There is no defined dot clock matching mode "1024x768"
  xinit: No such file or directory (error 2): unexpected signal 13

(I've tried several differnt resolutions from "640x480" to "1024x768" and
they all give similar messages).  I'm not sure if this is a problem with
the Xconfig file or something else.

Anyway, if anyone has an Xconfig file that will work for this system OR
knows what I'm doing wrong if it's something else, any hits would be

Thanks in advance.

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