Option power_saver S3 chip Trio64

Option power_saver S3 chip Trio64

Post by Christoph Le » Mon, 07 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Hardware: i486 + ASUS SP3G (saturn) + Elsa Winner 1000 Trio64 (86C764-P) PCI
Software: Xfree 3.1.1, xfree 3.1.2

When I switch on `Option power_saver' in XFConfig and set the different
times for power saving modes to a small time for testing, I can observe
the monitor entering the two power save modes and comming back to normal
operation after pressing e.g. a key. But when I wait a long time, e.g. 1h,
I don't get any response form the pc. In this case only reset bottom
does works.
Has anyone an idear how to solve/debug this problem?
May be it is related to ASUS sp3g `Mutterbrett' (i disabled all powersave
option in bios setting)??

p.s.: please send me also an Mail-copy of your answer, thanks.

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1. XFree 3.2 S3 server locks up when "power_saver" option set

I'm still using 3.1.2.  I have corresponded with a number of people, who
wanted to set up power-saving in this version of XFree.  One person
reported back to me that when his system went into complete off, it
locked up his system.  We decided it was due to the specifics of one's
video card, since everything works fine on my system and many others'.

The off phase is entered by default after 1/2 hr.  The time period can
be set by the option:

OffTime time      (time  is  in  minutes)

in XF86Config... Oddly enough, this person was able to defeat going to
off-phase entirely by setting the time to "0" rather than a large
number...  Maybe this is what you need to do?

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Bob L.


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