boca V.34 28.8 puzzle???

boca V.34 28.8 puzzle???

Post by polr.. » Sat, 30 Sep 2000 04:00:00

Here is the problem that I have: I have an external boca V.34 28.8
modem. It is quite old and I got it from an ebay auction ( which
probably means it can be garbage) . However ,here is what is happening:

1. First , I tried setting it up in Win 98. It just would say that it
cannot recognize it although I see the little lights flashing on the
modem. The interesting part is that when I run hyperterminal and
connect it to COM1, where the modem is.. I can issue direct commands to
the modem.. and it would do what I tell it to. The only problem with
that is that I cannot turn the echo on and now I am typing on a blank
screen and the modem just does what I type. However, if I try to run
Hyperterminal, and try to communicate not with com1 but with the modem,
it wouldn't respond/react at all.

2. In the beginning I thought that the IRQ and port settings of the
modem could be wrong. However, I first found that it works very well in
dos when I issue it direct AT commands.. it would dial, connect ( it
even does the modem screaming sound.. ) . So, for me this means that
the port and irq settings are fine.

3. I tried installing it in SuSe linux 6.2 and had the same problem as
in Win98: it would just fail to detect the modem. There , I also tried
several combinations of IRQ and port settings, however, wvdial would
refuse to recognize it.

So, now I know that the largest part of the modem works ( meaning that
it dials, follows AT commands etc. )  but it seems that it refuses to
respond to the requests sent by the computer ( i.e. would not return
eny error or OK messages in Hperterm )The only thing I can think that
can be wrong is the cable ( which is a brand new belkin cable.. ) .

  DOes anybody have an idea of what can be wrong with this modem based
on the information that I have so far ?? I downloaded all the boca
drivers from their website.. but it didn't help. Win98 still refuses to
recognize it.  Is there a possibility , where say half of the modem
chip is fried, and the other is not.. SO the intact part is able to
dial up, follow AT commands, but the fried part would refuse to send
info back to the computer. Or do you think this is just a cable
problem ? ??

 Thank you in advance.

Alex Kotchnev

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