1.3.29 + ATAPI CD-ROM = OK

1.3.29 + ATAPI CD-ROM = OK

Post by Robert Log » Mon, 25 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Well, just to confirm that the 1.3.29 patches appear to have
sorted the ATAPI CDROM drivers (EIDE). The 4 times Ive booted
up it has found the drive immediately and mounted it ok (it usually
took a minute or so of probing to get the CDROM drive). This
was with standard single session CDs and multi session Photo-CDs.

Thanks go to Scott Snyder and others.

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I'm running kernel 1.3.29 on my system now, and have three weird things
happening. First, when it boots, it gives me a message about something
"Weird" (that's what it says) being locked and needing to be unlocked.
I'm not on my machine now, so maybe I'll post the exact message tonight.

Second, when I exit X (3.1), it hoses my display (vertical lines about
1/4" apart). I can still type, just can't see anything :(

Finally, I've got a SCSI CD-ROM on an Adaptec 2840 VLB controller. It
works fine under DOS/Windows/Win95/OS-2, but under Linux, when I try to
mount the CDROM, it just turns on the "read" light and leaves it on
permanently, until after about 5 minutes it spits out a timeout error and
quits. Is this a configuration problem, or a kernel problem?

Pete Kruckenberg

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