Trackman Live driver?

Trackman Live driver?

Post by Patrick Berg » Sat, 07 Aug 1999 04:00:00

The Trackman Live is the coolest mouse I have seen.  I have an ATI TV
tuner card and the Linux software to watch TV.  I could use the Trackman
live as TV remote while I am in bed (Yea I know that I sound lazy) and
use it as a mouse on the desktop.  Does the Trackman Live work in Linux?
I was searching and could not find any reference to it!   I am ordering
one if it works in Linux, if not does anyone have any recommendations
for cordless mice that fit in your hand like a remote?

1. Logitech trackman Live is config possible

I was just given as a present a new Trackman live (you know the wireless
mouse that is like a remote control for presentations)
Does anyone know if it is possible to use its extra keys.

i'd like to map them to operations like pageUP and pageDown.
I was trying to get to the imwheel site but it seems that it has been

Any ideas how to catch the extra button events and assign them to other
keys ?

ps. I'd love to give that presentation to the company using my little
linux laptop :-)

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