Pb Installing an Accton EN1661 ISA Adapter

Pb Installing an Accton EN1661 ISA Adapter

Post by zero_koo » Sat, 27 Nov 1999 04:00:00


I try to install the redhat 6.1 on a ibm 300 GL box.

Everything just goes fine 'till I try to install the adapters ( got two
for a proxy).

Both cards are Accton EN1661 (MPX) ISA

I've downloaded drivers for scounix on the accton site, I've been told
they're fine for Linux.

But Linux can't read the data on the floppy !

I've read these cards are similar to NE2000 but I got the "device not
found or busy" message when I try this.

With the drivers I've tried the setup.exe and the 1step.exe in order to
switch the pnp of the card off but these progs (under NT) don't do
The first tell me there's already a card installed even if I've trashed
it up.
And the second tell me there's no such card even if I've installed it
under NT !

What can i do ?

Is it worth to take time tryin' to wipe out the pnp of the card or
these cards ain't suported by my Linux version anyway ?

On the redhat site this card doesn't appear on the hardware
compatibility list but some help files tell it is similar to NE2000.

Any help will be appreciated.


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