DPT 2144UW controller

DPT 2144UW controller

Post by Network Operations Cent » Fri, 27 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I have a DPT PM2144UW controller running on a Linux 2.0.30 machine.
I have the following configuration:

Pentium Pro 200Mhz
128M RAM
DPT PM2144UW controller
3Com 590 Ethernet
3 Quantum Fireball 4.3G hard drives
IDE (840M) boot drive
Linux version: 2.0.30

I am getting frequent kernel panics with the following errors:

EATA0: reset, mbox 51, aborting pid 4445606
(I get tons of messages similar to the one above
with different mbox and pid numbers)

EATA0: reset, board reset done, enabling interrupt
EATA0: interrupts disabled, loops...

Kernel panic: EATA0 ihdlr, mbox 42, invalid cp_stat

Can someone point me in the right direction towards
fixing this problem?  Could I possibly be using the
wrong DPT driver?

Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
I'm sure I left out a lot of detail that can be used to trouble shoot.
I'll happy to provide more information - I just don't know what
else you might need to know.

Thanks in advance.


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I recently got RH5.1 and was trying to install it onto my computer but I
have come across a dead end. At the moment the SCSI controller I am using
is not being recognised by the RH boot disk (I have tried using EATA-DMA
and EATA-PIO with no success). I have emailed RH tech support and they are
aware of the problem and are working on a fix for it. I was just wondering
if anyone else have had this problem and if there's a boot disk somewhere
that would solve my problem (instead of waiting for RH to get back).
Thanks a lot.


PS      My hardware setup is as follows.

        1. Tyan Tsunami 1646 (Pentium II 333MHz)
        2. IBM 4.3GB UW hard drives x2
        3. Plextor Ultraplex
        4. ATI All in Wonder Pro (shouldn't affect it)
        5. 3Com 3c905B PCI card

PPS     I have tried installing Suse 5.1 and it seems to go okay except
that sometimes I get a SCSI_FREE error? Any ideas what it could be and
what setting I should have for the DPT controller.

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