Conner CFP1060S scsi nightmare

Conner CFP1060S scsi nightmare

Post by Anthony T. Lo Sass » Sun, 28 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Hello.  I have a SPARC 2 with a Conner CFP1060S 1.05GB SCSI hard disk
running RH Linux 5.1 -- or at least I was running RH Linux 5.1 before my
filesystem become horribly corrupted with inode errors.  The precise error
message while running mke2fs reads:

Current error sd08:01: sense key Hardware Error
Additional sense indicates Track following error
scsidisk I/O error: dev 08:01 sector xxxxxx

 My scsi controller appears to be NCR53C90A.  According to the SCSI Howto,
"There is now a fix available for customers with a CFP1060x (microcode
revisions 9WA1.62/1.66/1.68) and Linux. To apply the upgrade, you will need
a DOS boot disk and ASPI drivers that can access the hard drive. The upgrade
downloads new queuing and lookahead code into the non-volatile SCSI RAM of
the drive."  I have microcode rev. 9WA1.66, but apparently no one at Seagate
(which bought out Conner) knows how to implement this upgrade on a SPARC.
Is there anyone who can help??  Thanks.


1. WD7193 SCSI controller and Conner CFP1060S hard drive problem

I am trying to install Linux Slackware (with kernel 2.0).  I have the
following system:

Pentium 133Mhz
48 Megs RAM

1.44 floppy drive (A: drive)
Western Digital WD7193 SCSI controller
Conner CFP1060S hard drive
        1 DOS/WIN95 partition (C: drive)
        1 blank partition (D: drive, where Linux is to be installed)
Toshiba XM-3701TA CDROM (E: drive)
Iomega parallel port ZIP drive (F: drive)

Problem 1:
When I use lilo to install linux, it can't find my SCSI controller no matter
what bootdisk I use.  Depending on what bootdisk I use, it either says
something like:

Installation of WD7000 failed


SCSI devices=0

Problem 2:
I have heard that putting linux on a Conner CFP1060S can be hazardous to the
health of your hard drive.  Has anyone tried linux with this type of drive?

Problem 3:
In the event that I cannot put linux on my hard drive, I would like to put it
on my zip drive.  How?

If anyone has answers to any or all of the above three problems, could they
either post or email me at


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