37GB HD IBM-DPTA-353750 - Linux kernel bug?

37GB HD IBM-DPTA-353750 - Linux kernel bug?

Post by Tomas Hansso » Sun, 09 Jan 2000 04:00:00

I got problems with my 37 GB HD IBM-DPTA-353750.
I'm running Redhat 6.1, 2.2.12-20, i686.

1. As many mothercards I got 2 IDE-channels out of it.
But according to startup I got different CHS-codes when I put it on
channel 1 and 2
(No matter if master or slave.)
Channel 1: 16383/16/63 which seem to be ok.
Channel 2: 7144/16/63 which yields an 3.5 GB HD instead of 37 GB...
I've tried it at a friends computer (running the same system) and he got
7144/16/63 at both his channels.
But when I use Windows NT there seem to be no problem when using channel
1 or 2.
Is there a Linux kernel bug???

2. When using HD at channel 1 under Linux it seems like I can access the
whole drive.
But I've recognized some sideeffects.
When writing over 32 GB it seem to wrap-over and write at the beginning
of the disk
(and destroy the inode-table for that partition).
The only sollution to that problem seem to be to use the 32 GB clip or
not to partition anything above 32 GB.

Anyone out there know anything about this problems I would be very



1. IBM DPTA-353750

I've recently bought a IBM DPTA-353750 harddrive and I can't get linux to
recognize the disk size (37.5 GB).
I've looked around for solutions but cannot seem to find anything.

                   - Trevor

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