Support for 16650

Support for 16650

Post by Peanu » Sat, 26 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Hi, folks.

Just got a 16650 high speed serial card, intended for
not yet arrived ISDN external TA, I'm wondering if my
current kernel 2.0.35 will support the chip? If not
where can I get patch for it?

btw, any one know that when will kernel 2.2 be released?
I heard that 2.2 has the 16650 support built in, of course,
many other features, too. :=)

do email for reply, if you really want to, remove the
under scores in the email address.


--Li Lin


1. Support for 16650 Uart at 230k?

I am in need of using a 230k serial port.  I grabbed the 2.1.22 Kernel
source and noticed in the serial.c file a refrence to ST16650 and
TI16750 Uarts.  Has anyone succesfully used boards capable of 230k? If
so which ones.

  Craig Courtney

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