SPEA graphic card, only 16 colors?

SPEA graphic card, only 16 colors?

Post by Peter Bru » Tue, 01 Aug 1995 04:00:00


I have tried to configure Linux for my SPEA V7 PRO. The SVGA-XServer
says something like "unknown chip set error". So I can use only the
VGA_16-XServer with 16 colors.

Any idea how to remidy this problem?
Thanks for any help, comments, flames,...

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SPEA graphic card, only 16 colors?

Post by Charles F. Leppl » Wed, 02 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Unless your card is a video chameleon, you are stuck until someone else comes
along and writes a new vga256 X driver for your card. Are you up for that
challenge? If so, read the excellent guide in /usr/X11/lib/Server/{i can't
remember} . It should have something about writing SVGA drivers. Read it--it is
your only hope for now.


1. Strange Graphic Overlaps in 16,32 bit color depths

I really have several issues, and I hope to get at least a few of them
fixed soon.  I'll start with a few details:

Diamond Stealth Video Vram (64?) with 4MB (verified).
XFConfig says - Identifier "Vision 968"
I do have the screens set up for Depths of 8, 16, and 32.
I have NO PROBLEM getting 16 or 32 bit modes, I just have a problem with
the display when I do!

Can anyone tell me why my X windows gives me overlapping graphics in 16
and 32 bit color depths?  By overlapping, I mean that the left half of
my monitor screen is duplicated from the middle and off to the right of
the screen.  Just imagine an Xterm with on the left side of my monitor
screen, mirrored exactly on the right side, including seeing any typing
in the left box in the right box.  Now, it's even worse because
everything is mirrored that way and that is downright confusing.  Even
the login window (kdm) gives this mirroring effect.  I just don't get
it, and I haven't found anything (yet) in the documentation that
describes this!

A second and lesser problem occurs with 8 bit depth.  I have commented
out all XFConfig entries for interlaced Modelines, yet I still get
strange flickerings of the monitor when the graphics move around in KDE
or Gnome (whichever I try).  Sometimes there are striations on the
screen that appear while a graphic Window is moving around.

I would really like to use 16 or 32 bit depth for color, but I must
resolve these issues.  ANY HELP Whatsoever will be appreciated.

Ron Gaw

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