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Have any of you used the Turtle Beach Tropez sound card with Linux?
It claims to be 101% Soundblaster compatible.  Has anyone got it

I believe that it is supposed to have an EIDE interface for
connecting a CDROM drive.  Would that cause any trouble?

Eddie Grove
Department of Computer Science, Duke University, Durham, NC 27706


1. make config and TurtleBeach Tropez


Does anybody succeded installing the sound-driver for the TB-Tropez in a
'normal' way?
Here's my story:
'make menuconfig' didn't ask for the OSWF.MOT file so I tried  make config
but that was the same. So I run the old sound config in drivers/sound
that generated the maui_boot.h file containing the data of the OSWF.MOT
file. The sound-config was Ok but now compiling the kernel stopped with an
error. Of course some defines changed... So i had to rerun make menuconfig.
Now the maui_boot.h was still alive, but it wasn't recognized by the driver.
Addying a
(ugly thing) in drivers/sound/maui.c and recompiling made it finally work.


Peter Steiner
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