NCR 53c400 HP-Controller

NCR 53c400 HP-Controller

Post by Holger Muelle » Wed, 29 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I've got an unneaded SCSI Controller from a HP
Scanjet with an NCR 53c400 Chipset on it.

I wanna use it for my SCSI ZIP DRIVE on a LINUX box.
Do anybody out there knows the parameters for this

tanx in advance



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Hi All,
   I have one of these beasts, bought when I was young, foolish, Win/DOS
was the thing, and Linus was still arguing with Andy T on c.o.minix.  I'd
like to use it to add more of the old scsi disks that are hosting a linux
WAIS db, and it's nice (?) because it has a 4 MB cache on it.

   It has the NCR 53C400 controller chip, similar (Ithink) to some of the
chips on the Trantor and others.  Has anyone used one of these beasts with
Linux?  With what driver?  In combination with others?  I called CSC about
this and they were able to tell me that they'd heard of it being used with
Linux, but they thought that it was a custom driver or some such.

Happy to hear from you..
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