lp0, lp1, lp2, .... not detected.

lp0, lp1, lp2, .... not detected.

Post by Richard N. Smit » Mon, 17 Aug 1998 04:00:00

    Redhat Linux 5.1 will not detect my parallel port
and thus lpx devices will not function. I can not even
cat a text file out the ports. I have a Dell Dimension
XPS P120c. FreeBSD and Windows works fine.

1. dev/lp0 (or lp1 or lp2) not detected for printer

When I attempt to install a printer, I use the RedHat control-panel printer
control. It says it cannot detect any parallel ports  (/dev/lp0, /dev/lp1,
/dev/lp2) and there might be a hardware error. I'm puzzled because I have
been able to use the p-port successfully for a zip drive. (I do the printer
configuration without the ppa module loaded.) I must be missing something.
Any ideas?

Johnny Z

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