Help! DVD-ROM Support in Linux?!?

Help! DVD-ROM Support in Linux?!?

Post by Andrew McIntos » Sat, 09 Dec 2000 02:50:43

I'm looking to install a DVD ROM drive in my Redhat Linux 7 machine. Looking
on the web, I've found several sites with programs to download to playback
dvd's, but I can't find any compatibility lists to see what dvd rom drives
are supported. Does anybody here know what dvd drives are supported and
which ones are not? Also, can you recommend the best program for playback?


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3-Mar-99 (2:50 AM)

I have to replace my PCs internal CD-ROM drive.  My hard disk drives are
SCSI-2 based.

I'm considering replacing it with either a SCSI 40X CD-ROM drive, or some type
of DVD drive (preferably SCSI-based).

Searching the FreeBSD web site yielded no notable mentions for DVD support,
only support for CD-ROM, CD-RW, etc.  The FreeBSD Mall ( ) mentions they are considering the sale
of FreeBSD on DVD (as opposed to four CD-ROMs).

Does FreeBSD support DVD-ROM drives (IDE and/or SCSI)?

Does FreeBSD support DVD-RAM drives (IDE and/or SCSI)?

Does FreeBSD support any of the DVD MPEG-2 decoder cards?

If so, what brands/models of DVD drives and decoder cards are supported, and
where do I find the drivers for them?  I didn't find anything in the Handbook,
Applications, or Ports - did I miss them?

If not, when does the FreeBSD team anticipate having the drivers in place
(e.g. version 3.2)?

Thanks in advance,
Larry Alan Smith
Beaverton, OR, USA

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