ACE-5000 sound card/modem: REALLY STRANGE

ACE-5000 sound card/modem: REALLY STRANGE

Post by Ilya A. Lehrm » Sun, 19 Feb 1995 07:28:12


when i bought my system (486 IBM Blue Lightning 75Mhz, 8M RAM),
one thing i did not think of is linux compatibility (surprise!)
as it is, i have an ACE-5000 soundcard/modem/telephony center
that pretty much takes care of EVERYTHING under windows, but -
a drawback - doesn't seem to work under any other operating
system - which was fine until i got interested in linux and
its capabilities!  
what i am wondering is whether there is any way one could
make the darn thing work under linux!  not so much the
soundcard but the modem, really.
if there is anyone out there who has had a similar experience,
PLEASE respond!



"Ye gods, why me?"
"Ye gods, why me?"


1. ACE modem/voicemail/sound card ?

   I saw a product at CompUSA today that combined in one PC card:

   19,200 baud modem, fax, answering machine, 16-bit wavetable sound
   with MIDI, Panasonic CD-ROM interface and kitchen sink.

   It's made by ACE, I think.

I saw it, too.  I want to use it under Linux.  Since I doubt that they
include Linux drivers with it, I'd probably have to write my own.
Does anyone know if hardware documentation is available from the
manufacturer?  I've never heard of ACE either, so I don't know who to


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