Old 3Com board settings

Old 3Com board settings

Post by K.L. Pauba [Kevi » Mon, 09 Jan 1995 10:23:12

I need some help with some networking boards that I got for free from
work.  The are 1984-vintage 3Comm EtherLink boards.  I have no
documentation or software so before I sent away to 3Com for this stuff
I'll give the 'net a try.

I'm told these are 10Mb 8-bit cards and they have both the AUI and BNC
connectors. On the board itself is the following information:

ASSY 34-0780 Rev D

48-0747-00 REV-C
SBC-1-2A 34-84

The interrupt jumpers are clearly marked but I am unable to decipher
the I/O Address jumpers.  Here how there set ("|" = jumper, "." = pin):


I also need a WFWG driver as I hope to use one of these in the kids' computer
and the other on my linux box (running samba).

If anyone has information on how I might get this working along with
some pointers to software I would greatly appreciate it.


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Hi. The card in question is an ISA ATI Graphics Ultra Pro (with the mach32
engine). The particular monitor that I'm using is an AST Vision 4L, and I
managed to root through the AST website (talk about counterintuitive!) so
I could get the horiz and vert scan lines etc. I can't seem to get X setup
right, when I run probe, it complains about a missing clocks line. Is
there any doc which can EXPLAIN xf86config? A man page helps, but getting
the theory fundas would be even nicer.

I'm pleasantly surprised at the level of support the linux community
provides. Also, being something of a DOS/Windows junkie ;=( in the past,
i'd appreciate it if I could be told where to get my hands on info that'll
help me migrate better.

Aniruddha Shankar
BAngalore, India

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