Cyrix 686/TritonII trashing HD

Cyrix 686/TritonII trashing HD

Post by 'Aztec Eagle' Turb » Sun, 06 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Hello everybody!

I have a pesky problem with an IBM(Cyrix)6x86 P120+, an Intel
Triton II based motherboard, and a PCI 3c590.

The Linux box has 16 MB RAM and is running kernel 2.0.21 and
Samba 1.9.16p2. All the PCI devices are detected. The LAN *is*
working. We loaded windows-write and dos-works and prepared to
print a several pages file. We started the printing process at
same time and bingo! the hard disk get messed:

hda: read_intr status 0x59 (drive_ready, seek_completed, data request, error)
hda: read_intr ........ (Uncorrectable error) sector #######

And other errors like "Sector not found" "Invalid mark address"
and so. The problem *is* reproducible! (I have now two botched
hard disks!)

I suppose the motherboard/cpu is mismanaging the PCI bus.

Here the CPU data:
On the front: IBM 6x86 P120+, IBM686-2V2100GB
On the back: 1995 Cyrix, IBM 9314, Q04002, 50H8654, PQ.

The Motherboard: Alton Rev 1.1
ChipSet: i430VX
4 PCI slots, 3 ISA.
Award BIOS 1995.
(The motherboard has an unused 168 pin EDO DIMM slot)

Is the motherboard broken? Is the CPU borken? I can be messing
hard disks!

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