Sound Blaster PCI128 And SUSE 7.0

Sound Blaster PCI128 And SUSE 7.0

Post by ESN Boch » Mon, 16 Oct 2000 04:00:00

Hi All,

I have a PIII 667 system with 128 MB RAM and an on-board SB PCI 128
(Ensoniq chipset) compatible sound system. After a test installation of
SUSE Linux 7.0, I cannot get the sound to work! It is formally
recognized by yast as "Ensoniq 1371", but when trying to load the
es1371.o module, a message 'cannot load module es1371.o' pops up. I
tried lspci -v and setserial /dev/ttyS5 port PORT irq IRQ (of course
using the values printed out by lspci),like outlined in the manual, but
this does not seem to help!
I know, PCI128 cards do work under SUSE 7.0 for many users; is it,
because mine is a on-board "100 % compatible"?
I just downloaded the newest ALSA packages from SUSE's ftp site, but
did not yet install them. Is there hope to fix it this way?

Moreover, my 56bps "MagixXpress Internal Data Fax PCI Modem" isn't
recognized, too! Cannot find any information in the hardware database
of SUSE's about MagicXpress modems. Yast's hardware routines always
just say: cannot find modem on system!

My Linux kernel is version 2.2.13, no patches applied. All the above
hardware is running without any problems with Windows 98 SE.

If someone could give me any advice about one of these two issues, I'd
be very grateful!

TIA, Werner

Werner E. Fangmeier
Diplominformatiker u. Softwareentwickler
ESN EnergieSysteme Nord GmbH, Niederl.Bochum

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Any help will be appreciated.
PS: Would appreciate it if anyreplies could be emailed to me at

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